Our leasing program yields more tenants, secures better rates and ultimately, achieves higher property values.

How can we confidently make this claim? In a nutshell, McCOR Management’s proficient real estate process. An industry-leading strategy that incorporates critical demographic data, mapping consumer habits and market trends, the retail mandate of the property and its surrounding community, and perhaps most importantly, a tireless commitment to ensuring the right tenant fit for the property. Once actioned, our tried and trusted approach consistently delivers the most advantageous leasing agreements and highest tenant retention rates across the office, retail and industrial sectors.

In addition, McCOR Management builds long-term service excellence into every project, ensuring strong relationships with property owners and a high level of satisfaction among tenants. We also actively seek and implement efficiencies wherever possible to control operating costs and use the latest reporting systems to deliver pertinent information that aids clients in maximizing their assets.

Our leasing services include:

  • Lease strategy development
  • Merchandising mix development (for retail properties)
  • Tenant design criteria
  • Tenant coordination
  • Legal documentation
  • Lease marketing and promotion
  • Retail void analysis