An uncompromising hands-on culture of excellence sets us apart.
    Relationships are the foundation on which insight, solutions and value are built.
    Our proven approach yields more tenants, secures better rates and ultimately, achieves higher property values.
    We’re building value into all aspects of our operations. It forms the basis of our results-based approach to real estate management.
    McCOR draws on the deep expertise of a wide cross-section of specialist professionals.
    The ability to build value into all aspects of real estate management is our most important asset.
    Our boutique approach delivers the highest levels of service to both local and national clients.
    We are driven by not only realizing, but exceeding the expected performance of every asset.


The breadth of our real estate expertise extends across all industry sectors, including retail, commercial, industrial and residential. McCOR Management works across a varied and comprehensive client base and we are as at home overseeing single site offices as we are managing large-scale, landmark developments.

  1. Commercial Property Manitoba – 330 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

    Located in the centre of the SHED district in downtown Winnipeg, this property is almost fully Leased, and within the vibrant and convenient Skywalk System. With many renovations and upgrades underway, this building also operates under some of the best, recognized industry standards in Canada.

  2. Industrial Property Manitoba – 130 Omands Creek, Winnipeg

    McCOR Management helped locate and broker this property which boasts the development of a state-of-the-art, 120,000 sq.-ft. warehouse. Currently, this property is 100 per cent fully Leased.

  3. Office Building Manitoba – The Paris Building, Winnipeg

    The Paris Building is a two-time recipient of the Heritage Winnipeg Preservation Award located in downtown Winnipeg. Keeping with the original 1915-17 architecture throughout, this character building is a beautiful and unique place to spend your days. Many upgrades have complemented the operations of the building and there are Leasing opportunities in space consisting of over 8,000 sq. ft.

  4. Retail Property Ontario – Westmount Shopping Center, London

    This was a two level enclosed fashion shopping centre with a vacant target and is soon to close Sears. The upper level had a few medical offices in the ground floor had a high vacancy rate of fashion tenants. The stronger tenants were Cineplex VIP and a regional ethnic grocery.

  5. Retail Property Ontario – Georgetown Market Place, Georgetown

    Redevelop the former Walmart into CRU in order to offer a wider variety of fashion, destination and service tenants in the centre.

  6. Retail Property Maritimes – Mayflower Mall, Sydney

    The Landlord was notified that Walmart would not be renewing their lease and would seek to find a free standing site to build their prototype location. The property looked tired and attracting new tenants was becoming a challenge. Due to a lack of specialty retailers, there was a loss of sales to other markets. The mall owned 84 acres of land locked property with little to no access across the street from the shopping centre.

  7. Facility Management Alberta – Starlight and Grand Villa Casinos, Edmonton

    Gateway Casinos Limited finished construction of their Grand Villa Casino (63,000 square feet) attached to the Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton in 2016 and the renovation and expansion of their Starlight Casino (118, 000 square feet) in West Edmonton Mall in 2018. Although very skilled at running the gaming operations, Gateway was in need of a facility manager that could help them operate their premises and take this task “off of their plate”.