Drawing on our extensive experience in property management and leasing, we help our clients capitalize on a myriad of differing opportunities by delivering sound advice on market value, best use, value preservation and pre-purchase valuation of cashflow and leasing risks.

Working closely with our clients, architects and independent experts, we conduct pre-purchase due diligence and create development concepts and strategies based on a clear understanding of project objectives, market trends and demographic conditions. Through innovative thinking and thorough analysis, we help identify opportunities and build detailed proposals and planning blueprints to yield best returns whilst generating long-term success for our clients and their tenants.

Our advisory services include

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

  • Market Risk
  • Tenant Renewal Risk Analysis
  • Expansion Potential
  • Environmental Review
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Concept and Design, including Block Plans, Streetcapes and Perspectives
  • Premilinary Pro format and Budgets
  • Rent and Cost Forecasts

Research and Analysis

  • SWOT
  • Site
  • Demographics
  • Market Trends and Gaps
  • Retail Planning
  • Space Allocation
  • Strategic Action Plan
  • Turnaround Strategies