Luc Corneli Invited to Speak at the Montreal Real Estate Strategy Leasing Conference

Sep 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Luc Corneli, Principal of McCOR, was invited to speak at the Montreal Real Estate Strategy Leasing Conference as a panel member alongside David Deschenes of Prevel and Luc Fortin of Carbonleo. The panel, taking place on Tuesday, September 20th 2022, will be discussing intensification projects. Across the country, an unprecedented amount of intensification activity and urban revitalization is happening on a scale that has not been seen for decades. Montréal is certainly no exception with a wide range of diversified developments occurring across the island and offshore. This session will examine case studies of major projects in Montréal with unique characteristics and discuss what future development activity in the Greater Montreal market will look like and the challenges some projects will need to overcome within a very dense, highly regulated urban environment. For further information about the Conference, click the link below.