CCI Corpfin Capital/McCOR Provides Expertise During Winnipeg Real Estate Forum

Apr 29, 2022 | Uncategorized

A principal of CCI Corpfin Capital/McCOR, Luc Corneli, was invited to participate in the Winnipeg Real Estate Forum held April 25 and 26; a forum designed to meet the information and networking needs of the real estate community and its affiliates. Bringing over 35 years of experience and vision of secondary markets, CCI Corpfin Capital/McCOR presented on Investor Interest in Winnipeg; who wants to increase their presence in the City? Is 2022 the Story of a Strong Rebound?

The panel was moderated by Martin McGarry and the panelists were Brian Bastable – Managing Director, Slate, Luc Corneli – Principal, CCI Corpfin Capital/McCOR, Fabricio Mendes –SVP, LS Properties, and Mark O’Brian – Managing Director, PROREIT

When CCI Corpfin Capital/McCOR is engaged to advise or manage a property, they bring a wealth of knowledge from their seasoned team. In addition, direct access to senior management, including the principals, provides the benefits of their expertise and sharing of industry practises and market trends to help realize the full potential of your property.
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