Starlight and Grand Villa Casinos

Case Study


Gateway Casinos Limited finished construction of their Grand Villa Casino (63,000 square feet) attached to the Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton in 2016 and the renovation and expansion of their Starlight Casino (118, 000 square feet) in West Edmonton Mall in 2018.  Although very skilled at running the gaming operations, Gateway was in need of a facility manager that could help them operate their premises and take this task “off of their plate”.


Our approach to building value for this specific asset included:

    1. Obtain, negotiate and supervise contracts for HVAC and elevators/escalators; supervise cleaning contractor and advise on ways to improve facility efficiencies and customer comfort.
    2. Use management expertise to assist with budgeting of facility services.
    3. Manage special construction projects as they come up.
    4. Introduce work order software for better communication and resolution of premises issues.


As a result of McCOR’s involvement and a close working relationship with Gateway, the local Gateway personnel are able to focus on their jobs and what they do best knowing that the facility services are being taken care of. This cooperation and McCOR facility oversight has freed up the local managers’ time and allowed them to improve the customers’ entertainment experience.