Retail Property Ontario Westmount Commons, London

Case Study


Located in the centre of the SHED district in downtown Winnipeg, this property is almost fully Leased, and within the vibrant and convenient Skywalk System. With many renovations and upgrades underway, this building also operates under some of the best, recognized industry standards in Canada.


  1. Redevelopment program targeting increasing energy efficiency by replacing the glazing.
  2. Introducing initiatives to elevate tenant (both current and future tenants) experience: Free amenity space, retrofit elevator cabins, renovated washrooms, multi-tenant lobby and tenant request management system implementation.
  3. Find strategic tenants for vacant spaces leveraging redevelopment program and new initiatives.


As of now, existing leases have been extended, vacancy is down to <9% with new glazing 75% complete. Amenity space occupied over 50% of days and overall customer satisfaction increased. BOMA best certification expected in 2 months.