April 8, 2021

As we move into spring of 2021, COVID-19 continues to greatly influence our lives as the numbers continue to grow. It’s up to all of us to continue to follow the measures put in place from our cities and provinces to keep everyone safe and prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

Because the health and safety of our valued tenants across Canada are very important to us we have links to the official COVID-19 measures for your province/territory.

Please select your province below to find the most updated COVID-19 measures currently in place.

MANITOBA: Updated Covid-19 Measures

NEW BRUNSWICK: Updated Covid-19 Measures

NOVA SCOTIA: Updated Covid-19 Measures

ONTARIO: Updated Covid-19 Measures

QUEBEC: Updated Covid-19 Measures

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Updated Covid-19 Measures

SASKATCHEWAN: Updated Covid-19 Measures

ALBERTA: Updated Covid-19 Measures

NORTHWEST TERRITORIES: Updated Covid-19 Measures


October 28, 2020

As we transition into the colder months, COVID-19 continues to greatly impact our day-to-day lives. In correspondence with the rising COVID-19 cases this fall, new health and safety measures from our government and health officials have been put in place across the country to best protect Canadian’s.

Because the health and safety of our valued tenants across Canada are very important to us we’ve created a list of some of the updated COVID-19 measures for your region.

Please select your province below to find the most updated COVID-19 measures currently in place.

MANITOBA: Updated Covid-19 Measures

NOVA SCOTIA: Updated Covid-19 Measures

ONTARIO: Updated Covid-19 Measures

MONTREAL: Updated Covid-19 Measures


May 7, 2020

In our last update, we shared a five-point strategy for managing this unprecedented event, including transparent communication with your tenants.

Immediately following the government’s mandated social distancing guidelines and closure of non-essential businesses across Canada, McCOR connected with its tenants to understand their current financial situation and the impact that the pandemic has on their business.

The biggest uncertainty quickly became whether April rent would be paid or not, and what position would we take as landlords. With the latest Federal Government announcement on emergency commercial rent assistance (CECRA), it added another layer of complexity to the situation and arguably may have been brought forward too late.

Over the past week, we have undergone a survey of our 10 offices across the country on the breakdown on April rent collections.
If you want to learn about what we discovered, check out our news section to read the full article

Click Here to Read the Full Article.


March 30, 2020

Every business owner anticipates that their business may experience challenging times with the ebbs and flows of the economy. No matter how prepared we all feel we will be, no one could ever fathom this unimaginable time we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we all anxiously await the end of this unprecedented global event and the recovery to business as usual, we can all take steps to ease some of the difficulties we are being faced with. Whether deemed an essential service or not, all businesses have had to deal with many challenges.

The Government of Canada and our respective Provincial Governments have many programs in place to help businesses and individuals as we weather this unique situation. In the heat of these uncertain times, many may be unsure where to begin.

McCOR would like to share a list that has been compiled by Miller Thomson of helpful information for our tenants in hopes of easing financial strain that many are attempting to mitigate.

Click Here for List of Programs.

We all can take steps towards helping our businesses endure this untimely global event.


March 24, 2020

We care about your health and safety!

In light of the announcement issued by the Ontario Government March 24 listing Essential Services, McCOR is taking further necessary actions to provide access to our buildings where specific services are noted as Essential Services to our respective communities. The health and safety of those needing these services and those still providing onsite security and life safety services for the continued care of the buildings are of the utmost importance to us. Access into McCor managed buildings may be limited until further notice. Each McCOR building will post appropriate directions to gain access to essential services. Those requiring access, as noted above, will be required to sign in/out with onsite Security.

During this ever-changing time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, together we all can do our part to help flatten the curve and prevent the spread.


March 23, 2020

In these trying times the health and safety of our tenants, clients, employees and customers is our highest priority. At McCOR our efforts are guided by global experts, health authorities and the province and we continue to closely monitor the development of COVID-19 here and abroad. Over the last few weeks we have instituted the following protocols:


  • Implemented a ban on all business travel.
  • Employees returning from trips are requested to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Office staff have been requested to work from home until further notice, where possible.
  • Regular and timely communication with our clients, partners and tenants.
  • Communication between employees is encouraged via technology to conduct meetings virtually, by phone or email.
  • Intensified cleaning in compliance with recommendations for COVID-19 sanitization in all our properties.
  • Additional hand sanitizers throughout all our properties.
  • Emergency preparedness and communication plans with our local public health departments.
  • Personal hygiene guidance posted at all our properties.
  • Encouraging social distancing by removing or cordoning off areas to prevent large gatherings.
  • Carrying on essential repairs and emergency work during this time with routine preventative maintenance being deferred until further notice.

Ensuring additional Security and Life Safety measures are being taken during these changing times. We can all take measures to ensure our own safety as well as others around us. We respectfully ask that anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 please remain at home and not to frequent public places as recommended by governmental authorities. Everyone’s collective cooperation can help manage the spread the COVID-19 and help flatten the curve.

During this every-changing COVID-19 development, McCOR is committed to keeping you informed as circumstances change through our website and social media.

Please stay safe and healthy.